Black Pearls

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PERSPECTIVE: Change, uncertainty, and risk make brands more important than ever.

At Black Pearls we see drastic changes reshaping the world. Political and economic developments, social and cultural shifts, and technological advancements across the globe all come to affect us in extremely personal ways. In this new world, brands have become essential reference points for leading our lives. They now play a vital role in defining our relationships with organizations, products, and services, and even countries and cultures, allowing us to form connections that are becoming increasingly sophisticated and more personal. The power and value of brands in the world economy have become virtually incalculable. We have arrived at the point where it’s impossible to imagine living without them.


BACKGROUND: Creativity driving positive change is the idea that excites us

In our business, people do the work, not organizations. The company formed only in 2014 when Chirag Sancheti and a band of strategists and designers came together to set up an office for 2 renowned product development and innovation companies.


Advisory Brand Architects:

Isaac Jacob: With over 35 years of industry experience of working on brands like Mercedes Benz, Puma, Sony, Saint Gobain, Yes Bank, etc. and producing brand champions for more than a decade through various premiere B-Schools, Prof. Isaac Jacob also joined hands in being a part of the advisory team for Black Pearls. He enjoys creating and re-creating brand strategies.

Vijay Swami: With over 12 years of Agency experience and an in-depth understanding of connecting brands identity, brand strategy and activation processes, Vijay Swami raised toast to Black Pearls for mentoring and guiding. Currently Director at  IDream Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd.


Team Black Pearls

Chirag Sancheti: With his heart into Brand Management, he swam across various waters in different industries and varies roles, only to come back to the same lands of Brands. True Believer of “your passion should be your profession”. One man army and judicious blend of business and creativity.


Neha Chundawat: Beauty with Brains, MBA turned model, Neha supports creating content in the AV formats for all clients. She strategies and executes the complete AV formats with her zealous team.

Team DFK: Leading Event and BTL activity managing trio, team DFK, joined hands with Black Pearls for partnering and managing various events and activities